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Who am I??

Hi! My name is Melissa Otts. I have been teaching riding lessons for over 25 years. I teach basic horse care, safety, western riding and barrel racing. I train horses from the ground up, and rescue a few here and there. I have 4 biological and 2 step children and two of them love and own their own horses and barrel race. My students are not just students but they have become part of my family. The bigger the family the better! Come join us here at Step N Stone Stables. Be ready to have fun!!

Makayla is one of our riding instructors here at Step N Stones but she is also Melissa's first daughter. Makayla has known horses her whole life and is her moms left and right hand. Makayla loves children and loves teaching others how to ride and all the safeties. She has a big heart and cares about each and everyone of her riders.

Audrey is another one of our riding instructors here at Step N Stones. Audrey has had the love for horses her whole life. Audrey has been with us for over 6 years and knows horses above and beyond. Audrey also helps us with our horse training and ground keeping. She is currently riding a beautiful Quarter horse mare off the track and has trained her everything she knows on the patterns. Audrey also enjoys teach others.